How you can help: mailing

How to mail for us and what to expect when you do

Do you have an email list?

If so, one of the most helpful things you can right now is to mail to your list and let them know about the urgent situation facing the New Orleans Musicians Clinic.

You can put the message in your own words or you can copy, paste and adapt the email at the bottom of this page.

The page we are asking you to send people to - - does a very good job of explaining the core problem and what we need interested people to do.

When people come to the page we ask them to join our announcements list.

Those who feel an affinity for the cause will. Those who don't, for whatever reason, won't. It's very simple.

What will happen after people sign up for the list?

Here's our three-part strategy:

1) We will immediately ask them to share the message with their friends and colleagues thereby expanding the number of people we can reach.

2) We will ask them for a donation and point them to the New Orleans Musicians Clinic website so that they can find out more about the organization and what it does for musicians, tradition bearers and their families.

3) In order to keep the list members continually engaged over time, we will periodically send them content of general interest about New Orleans, its people and its unique culture.

These mailings will highlight specific artists, bands and cultural traditions (like Second Lines).

The truth is no one wants to receive an endless stream of requests for donations.

Therefore our strategy is to send them intrinsically interesting content that reminds them what a special place New Orleans is.

Each of these mailings will end with a simple statement that it's our musicians and tradition bearers who make it so - and yes, if we're to continue to enjoy these riches, we have to pitch in and help.

Your mailing is key

Now you know what we're trying to accomplish and how we're trying to accomplish it and what we need from you.

Would you please mail for us?

Time is of the essence.

The federal funds that make up 90% of the Clinic's operating budget end July 31st, 2010.

I believe there are enough people who care about our musicians and tradition bearers that we can raise the necessary funds in time, but we are in a race against time.

Please mail today (and when you do, let us know so we can thank you).

Here's a sample email that you can copy and paste and send to your list members today.

Thank you,


Ken McCarthy

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